Fixer Fic Discovery: Episodes 5+6

2017/11/04 Leave a comment

Well, Discovery isn’t looking any better so far, so I guess I’d better get going on the “if I were in charge” version.

The previous installment is here.

Episode 5: Choose Your Pain

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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episode 4

2017/10/22 1 comment

At this point, I diverge almost entirely from the real show’s plot…

The previous episode is here, while there is a brief summary of the episode 4 plot (and the later episodes I haven’t gotten around to watching yet) on the Star Trek: Discovery Wikipedia page.

Episode 4: The Laws of Hospitality

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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episode 3

2017/10/15 3 comments

This is a re-envisioning episode 3 of Discovery, following after my rewrite of the pilot episodes.

Episode 3: Universal Law is for Lackeys

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Fantasy Round 58: Pyre

2017/10/08 Leave a comment

Pyre is a pleasant, simple video game with a decent plot and excellent music.

If you’re looking for some light distraction from the news, Pyre will do.

These are your characters. Your mission: escape from exile in the Downside… and change the Commonwealth forever.

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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episodes 1 + 2

2017/10/01 3 comments

Given how fed up I was with Star Trek: Discovery’s launch, and my concern that the rest of the series will fare little better, I’m going to show what I would have happen if I were in charge of the show.  I won’t be completely summarizing the unaltered episode (you can get that on Wikipedia if you don’t want to watch), and I’ll be highlighting the differences.

I also expect that I’ll end each section with a small amount of commentary, explaining any references made and visual details that may not be obvious from the plot summary.

Episode 1: The Tellarite Hello

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