Science Fiction 79: Kaiju Are Very Big

2022/05/28 2 comments

The Kaiju Preservation Society is a lark. If you want a deep, thoughtful science fiction novel with vibrant descriptions and meandering prose… this is not that. It’s a fast read, with zippy dialog and descriptions that are mere sketches (which left me wanted more visual details on the titular Kaiju). Hilarity ensues constantly. The angry bacon scene, and the one with the binders, were some of my favorites.

Naturally, I have a few nits to pick about the scientific plausibility.

This will contain spoilers. Read the book first!

[Update: Update at about 9:40 AM PDT on 5/28 to fix a math error in my GJ per day to power draw calculations. Oops!]

That mushroom-cloud shape in the second “A” is just as important as the tail in the first one.
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Science Fiction 78: How To Take Over The World

2022/04/24 2 comments

How to Take Over the World: Practical Schemes and Scientific Solutions for the Aspiring Supervillain is a delight, for people who enjoy over-thinking their scientific schemes (and not monologuing). It’s more a book of possible fact than actual fiction, and as such, I only have one comment and one quibble.

The contents of the book are exactly as advertised.
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Fantasy Round 59: Immortal Problems

2022/04/04 Leave a comment

I recently watched a mediocre movie by the name of Infinite, and I couldn’t help but compare it to the much-more-fun The Old Guard.

Let’s do a little compare and contrast, to see why two movies with similar premises (small group of super people who reincarnate / can’t die) and both have Chiwetel Ejiofor as an antagonist end up being so different.

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Criticism and Theory 2: No Spoilers

2022/02/27 Leave a comment

Someone wrote an ill-advised editorial in the Washington Post. The gist? They like spoilers.

Spoiler Alert: I disagree.

When River Song says “No Spoilers,” she means it.
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Science Fiction Round 77: Caves of Qud

2022/02/06 Leave a comment

This is a beautifully bizarre game. It’s a science fantasy roguelike that combines a scripted core plot (if you want it) with substantial procedural generation. I came for the keyboard-only interface and the delightfully retro graphics, but stayed for the story and the amazing weirdness.

The game is, according to the site, still in early access on Steam, still missing the final game region, and won’t be “finished” until 2023… but it’s already a wild ride (on a great saltback, perhaps).

A snapshot of the game from the main website, because my actual character’s current location of full of spoilers.
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