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Choose Your Own Adventure 13: Introductions

The last post in this series is here.  You’ve decided to make up a name, but to be honest about how little you remember.

Part 13

“I’m Sergeant Berschiss.  Mind telling me your name, and what you know about what happened?”

After a moment’s hesitation, you reply, “Syndel.  I don’t remember anything prior to looking over the cliff, so I don’t really know what happened.”

“Hmph,” is all the sergeant has to say at first.  He stares at you for a moment, his one good eye narrowed with suspicion.  Then he turns away, and waves at the younger man with him.  “This is Corporal Dunscher.”  Dunscher glances back from the horses to give you a broad smile that does not quite reach his eyes.

After the conversation stalls for a little bit, you ask, “Where are we going?”

“Venbrik,” the sergeant answers.  “And we’re coming from the fort at Kleriv.  We’re picking up some supplies.”

“There’s some sort of feast planned for this evening,” the corporal adds.  “I’m not sure why, though.  It’s not one of the regular holidays.  But, the cook needs more stuff to make it happen.  Also more beer.”

The remainder of the trip to Venbrik takes about two hours at the pace of the cart.  The ride takes you south and down, running roughly parallel to the river.  After the first hour, the trees thin out, the mist fades to nothing, and the sun shines on fields.  A few farmers and their animals go back and forth across them, planting the spring wheat.

Sergeant Berschiss is mostly quiet along the way, adding only the occasional brief comment or grunt.  He gives you the occasional glance from his one good eye, watching you for… something.  You’re not sure what has made him suspicious.

Corporal Dunscher, on the other hand, is happy to chatter along about anything.  He helpfully talks about whatever subject you bring up.  He helpfully explains that you are currently near the eastern frontier of the Ishkaev Empire, ruled by Dleshan Kaev.  The canyon you passed is a bit of an oddity, through which the river Layev passes.  Between the mist in the canyon and the rapids further upstream, the river is not generally used for travel.  The small town of Venbrik is the largest town nearby.  It is primarily a farming community, with a few local craftsman as well.  Dunscher has high praise for the beer, though he concedes that it is not as good as that which can be found in Alederik, the empire’s capitol.  The fort of Kleriv is built on a small hill, overlooking the Layev.  It serves as a base for the various expeditions that are currently exploring the frontier across the Layev.  In all this discussion, the only name that stands out as being familiar is the name of the emperor.

It is only when Berschiss says that you are almost there that you realize you are almost out of time to interrogate the younger soldier.  If you want to hear a bit more detail about something, now is the best time to ask before the two men go to do their business in town.

The Options

Option 16:  Ask about Emperor Kaev.

Option 17:  Ask for more details about Venbrik and the local geography.

Option 18:  Ask for more details about Fort Kleriv and the frontier.

  1. Daniel Hanlen
    2013/03/30 at 6:25 am

    16. Emperor info is good for remembering it seems!

  2. 2013/03/30 at 8:50 pm

    16. I concur. You can get local stuff anytime.

  1. 2013/04/07 at 4:01 pm

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