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Choose Your Own Adventure 30: Paying A Visit

The previous post in this series is here.

Your choice — continue through Urden on your way to Alederik.  And try to get some supplies and information.  Legitimately, maybe.

Part 30

The day is clear, aside from the quickly fading morning mist.  Along your way to Urden, you take advantage of some poor farmer who left their clothes out to dry on a line unattended.  A dash back and forth across the field nets you a couple more civilian changes of clothes.  You wrap up the leather armor and the sword for now — they would look too suspicious in town.  But you wear the boots.

You reach Urden in the late afternoon, without passing too many others on the road.  You smell it before you get there.  The place is little bigger than Venbrik was.

But it’s good enough for picking up supplies.  You wander a bit, here and there, mixing back and forth between pickpocketing with a magic word to misdirect the eye of your victim, to trading your ill-gotten coin for legitimate purchases.  Like food for the road, and a few oats for your horse.  You’d like better tack for your horse, but such a large purchase for someone who seems as ill off as you would also arouse suspicion, and you’ve been getting enough odd looks as it is.

You decide to pause in one of the two larger taverns, and buy yourself some half-decent mead and a hot meal.  You are on your way through the back exit to the stables, to take your horse and travel a bit further before the sun sets, when the tavern door opens wide. You hide behind the doorframe, on instinct.  Three men, dressed in Kleriv livery and fully armed, walk in directly towards the tavernkeeper.  You can’t hear what they say over the din of all the other conversations.  What you can tell is that there are more men and their horses milling around out front.

They’re after me.

You’re not sure why you’re so convinced — sending what looks like a couple of squads of cavalry after one thief seems a bit like overkill.  Perhaps they really do feel the need to squash anyone who challenges their authority.  And you didn’t see anyone else scary looking on the road.

But you don’t think that’s it.  There’s more to it than that, tied to your sense of having been betrayed.

The Choices

31:  Time to ditch.  Head out the door, grab the best horse you can steal and get out of town.  Your invisibility spells will surely help.

32:  Maybe you can talk them down, after using a spell to eavesdrop.  Or at least figure out why they’ve sent so many men after you.

33:  Heck with diplomacy.  There’s only three of them inside right now.  Divide and conquer.  Beat them up first, ask questions later to whoever’s still breathing.

  1. Dan
    2013/05/20 at 8:18 pm

    Evesdrop, but spy only. No contact.

  2. 2013/05/22 at 9:38 pm

    Use invisibility to eavesdrop and find out why they’re there. Then ditch (or talk) if necessary.

  1. 2013/05/27 at 4:05 am

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