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Choose Your Own Adventure 66: We Never Had This Conversation, Either

The last post in this series is here.

Alex wins the coin flip, but his choice isn’t too different from Dan’s, so here we go…

Part 66

“Find an expert wizard in Alederik to disentangle the details of what the spell will do. Once I know, I can act accordingly.”

She stands still for a moment.  Whatever her reaction is, she’s facing away from you — you can’t see it.  Then she ends the spell that maintains the privacy of your conversation, and walks away without another word.


The night passes slowly and uncomfortably.  You snatch a bit of sleep here and there, but only so much.  Thus, you are awake when you hear a small disturbance shortly after the men guarding you change shifts.  You start to get up just as someone drops a set of clothes in your lap.  You look up as Commander Beleyev leans down to unlock your chains.  The guards to either side of you have been knocked out.

Commander Karret Beleyev does not meet your eyes while she sets you free.  “You’ll want to change into those,” she says of the dark gray garments she dropped at your feet.  “Typical messenger’s garb.  Great for being overlooked.”  She holds up a bag.  “Gear is in here.  One of the better horses is tied in the woods for you.  You’ll find it easily enough.”

“Thanks,” is what you first say once your throat it clear.  “I didn’t think you would do something like this.”

“Let’s say I’ve had some concerns about the empire lately which your story has reinforced, and leave it at that.”

“Why not just let me escape, then?”

“I needed more information.”  Once you’re dressed, she hands you a pack of supplies and the spellbook.  “You’re going to need this.  I’ve copied out the sections that I wanted for reference.”

“Any suggestions for the best person to talk magic to in Alederik?  Not many will listen to claims against the Emperor.”

There is a split second when she gives you a slightly odd look, as though she expected you to know the answer already.  “You’ll want to ask for Thedane Lehhev at the mage’s academy.  I’ve worked with him before.  He’s discreet.”

“Then he’s still there.  Good.”

Karret Beleyev accepts your response, and starts to walk back into the camp.  “And Severel?  We never had this conversation.”

As she starts to walk away, you have a new choice before you — whether and how you will actually carry out the plan you described to Karret.

The Choices

Option 67:  Well, you’ve put up a good front.  Take the opportunity to flee from the Empire.

Option 68:  Thank Karret Beleyev for her assistance, and proceed to the capital according to the current plan.

Option 69:  Thank Karret Beleyev for her assistance, and try to talk her into joining your crusade more directly.

Option 70:  Having a whole troop know where you were, and where you’re going, is going to threaten your attempt to unravel the danger posted to the Empire.  Kill Beleyev while she isn’t expecting it and wipe out her subordinates.

  1. Daniel Hanlen
    2013/08/11 at 12:56 am

    68. the first and last just seem like death traps.

  2. 2013/08/11 at 1:45 am


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  1. 2013/08/18 at 9:06 pm

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