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Choose Your Own Adventure Part 96: It Wasn’t Me, Your Honor

The last post in this series is here.

The choice for this time (by coin flip) is to try to bluff your way out of trouble — but not mention Lehhev’s name while you’re at it, unless you absolutely must.

Part 96

You wait until the guard approaches you.  The first step to not appearing like a suspicious character is to pretend to not be overly concerned about the guard, while still having the slight nervousness of the innocent.

The officer approaches you confidently, with her subordinate at her heel.  “What is your name?” she asks, looking directly into your eyes.

You give the false name you have been using, and ask, “Is there a problem?”

“Yes,” she replies.  “You are using an illusion to disguise your features at an event where government officials of importance are present.  You present a security risk.  Please remove your personal illusion at once.”

“This again?”  You sigh.  “I’m using an illusion because I bear a passing resemblance to some wanted criminal, and guards keep mistaking me for her.  Using the illusion makes life bearable.  You can contact the mage’s academy to confirm that I’m enrolled there as a student.”

“Be that as it may,” she says, “Remove the illusion at once, or we will be forced to take you into custody.”

You decide to go along, for now.  You mark the pattern on Lehhev’s talisman that makes your own face apparent.

The younger guard, behind the woman who is confronting you, raises his eyebrows.  She, on the other hand, shows no reaction.  “We will be taking you into custody until such time as the academy confirms your credentials.  We are likely to charge you a fine for deceptive illusions at an imperial gathering.  Please come with us.”

You shrug at your compatriots, who have been murmuring words of irritation at the guards.  “Don’t worry, I’m sure this will all be sorted out quickly.”


Your statement has proven less than prescient.  The guards confiscated the token for the disguise that Lehhev created for you, and then took you to a jail cell, some distance removed from both the coliseum and the palace.  The place is not especially secure, particularly for someone with your talents.  It is a plain enough cell, with a metal door set in stone walls and no window, and no obvious spells on the materials.  It has been cleaned since it was last occupied — either that, or whoever was here last had no need for the bed and chamberpot.  Nonetheless, this is not where you want to spend the night.

An hour later, you are still there.  More than enough time for a message to go back and forth from the academy.

The Choices

Option 101:  That could have gone better.  Perhaps it’s best to just wait in your cell, and see how this plays out.

Option 102:  This is not going to end well.  Break yourself out and go back to Lehhev for advice now that you know who the other target of the spell is.

Option 103:  This is a load of crap.  Break yourself out, then break into the palace.  Time to have a chat with the Emperor.

  1. Dan
    2013/11/07 at 3:42 am


  2. 2013/11/10 at 12:35 am

    I’ll tentatively go with 101 because we apparently don’t have good enough methods of disguise to get far.

  1. 2013/11/19 at 5:35 am

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