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Choose Your Own Adventure 112: A Word to the Wise

The previous post in this series is here.

Your choice (by coin flip) is to flee the premises, with the unconscious impostor in tow.

Part 112

Knocking the man out is a matter of a few whispered words.  Apparently, he wasn’t expecting that reaction.  After you break the lock’s protective enchantment, another spell turns the mechanism even without the key.

The impostor is inconveniently heavy.  You had anticipated the possibility that Lehhev would be incapacitated, so this shouldn’t hinder you too much.  You wait a minute, a minute and a half… and then, even through the thick walls of the Baryeva Dungeon, you can feel a low rumble from the sudden explosion in the tannery next door.  Distant shouts echo along the corridor as the guards gather to deal with the situation.  No one comes down here to bother you.

Under cover of the crisis, you place a spell on the end of the corridor which blocks all sound.

Then you blow out the wall.

This is the lower level, so you tunnel your way through some dirt before reaching the surface.  Unlike the many stories about extended spellcasting, it isn’t all that taxing.  There’s no danger of draining yourself to the point of death.  Your hands will be tired and you’ll want some water later, but that’s the worst of it.

Especially since the guards seem to be very well distracted.

In other words, everything went according to plan.  Except for the fact that you now have a prisoner instead of a rescued friend.


The place you found to hole up, post-rescue, isn’t going to be safe for long.  You didn’t have enough time to set up the stronger spells against tracking, so you expect to have at most a day in the cheap inn you selected.  At least no one gave you any funny looks for hauling in a “drunk” companion.

Shortly thereafter, you have locked yourself in your room.  You keep one eye to the window, both as a warning of incoming danger and as an emergency escape route.  Right now, the only part of the view of interest is a fire burning some distance away — the tannery.

You tie your abductee to a chair, as a precaution.  You remove his illusion spell, and break the talisman he was using to hold it.  It’s not as good as Lehhev’s work, but the methodology is similar.  You also search your prisoner for weapons, and confiscate a couple of hidden daggers and another enchanted talisman.  The token is a small bit of wood, carved with an eye inside a circle — the symbol of warning.

After placing another silencing spell on the walls of your room, and taking a seat on the small bed, you wake him up.

He snaps alert as the spell breaks, jerking the chair.  He realizes almost immediately that he is no longer disguised.  You are out of reach, blatantly fiddling with one of his knives, still in its sheath.  “What in the… help!  HELP!!”  Then he settles back, and glowers at you.  “You’ve silenced the room already, haven’t you?”

You smile slightly, and nod.

You watch him as he wiggles in place, and then looks slightly dismayed.  You hold up the small wooden talisman.  “Were you looking for this?  I assume it was for calling in some backup if I saw through your pitiful deception.”

He’s trying not to show any expression, but he’s worried.

“Care to tell me where they’re hiding the real Thedane Lehhev?”

He shrugs.  “All I know is that now that they have Lehhev, they don’t need you any more.  Word is to kill you on sight.  Don’t know much more than that.  Less likely to let something slip to you that way.  You can go ahead and kill me now.”

And then he shuts up.  He refuses to even tell you his name — perhaps to make it harder for you to hunt down his family.  Nonetheless, you know that torture isn’t going to be helpful.  You take a nap (while your prisoner is safely tied up), and wake to the orange glow of dawn coming from the window.  And a very irritated man still tied to a chair where you left him.

You’re rested enough to be mostly alert, now, but time is wasting.

The Choices

Option 114: Since this guy isn’t talking, break the warning token, and see who shows up in response.  Of course, you’ll want to set up a trap for them first…

Option 115: Depart.  This is useless.  Leave your prisoner tied up in the room — somebody will be up there and find him, eventually.  Until then, your effort is best spent tracking down Lehhev, and attempting to get more information.

Option 116: Enough of this sneaking around.  Leave the prisoner (he was useless anyway) and take your quarrel to the Emperor.

  1. Dan
    2013/12/15 at 8:19 pm

    114. But disguise him as you, and you as him in an attempt to catch them off guard.

  2. 2013/12/17 at 1:20 am

    I like Dan’s thinking. I agree.

  1. 2013/12/24 at 6:01 pm

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