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Choose Your Own Adventure 114a: The Old Switcheroo

The previous post in this series is here.

From the last post, you chose to set and bait a trap for your prisoner’s handlers… with the addendum that you should do so using a disguise spell, swapping your appearance for that of your prisoner.

Part 114a

The first step, of course, is to knock out your unhelpful captive.  Then you arrange the scene, using an absolute minimum of magic.  Your drop your prisoner on the floor in an ungainly sprawl, untied from his chair.  Then you knock the chair over and break it, leaving the ropes coiled around it.  You add scratches here and there, and put your small room into a general state of disarray.

Then, the spells.  You do yourself first, with the aid of the room’s small mirror.  Modeling your imitation features and clothing after his is not terribly difficult, given that you have the model lying in front of you.  Covering your prisoner is no harder, given that you know your own features.

You know neither spell will last long, or stand up to more serious scrutiny.  But it should be good enough for “help” to arrive, and for you to learn something more.

You also prepare a more aggressive spell, carefully inscribing the relevant runes onto paper as your say them aloud.  Tearing the paper will trigger it, and should cause enough damage to allow you to escape a confrontation if you are outnumbered.  The spell will flare brightly in the vision of all present except yourself, echoing with a human scream.  It should be sufficiently distracting.

Then, you have a final touch to add.  You take one of your own daggers, and bash yourself in the nose with the pommel.  You obtain a satisfactory trickle of blood, hopefully a convincing hint that there was a fight here.  You’re not sure that you could get the smell quite right with a spell.  You flick a couple of drops onto the floor, then break the wooden warning token.

You do not wait long.

No more than fifteen minutes later — an impressive response time, for a barracks halfway across the crowded capital — a group of six Black Hands stomps their way up the stairs to your room, where you are examining the unconscious body of “Mazurek” and managing a bloody nose with your other hand.

The leader of the group is a pale lieutenant, freckles making him seem younger than he probably is.  He walks in openly wielding a sword, but sheathes it as soon as he sees you.  “Eggard… well, it looks like you got everything in hand.  What happened?”

You tell the truth, more or less — about being knocked out in the prison, and then being caught and saying nothing.  You add a tidbit about Mazurek going out for something, and taking the opportunity to knock her out and reclaim the warning token as soon as she returned.

“A bit sloppy on her part.”

“She’s been on the run a while.”

“True.”  The lieutenant nudges the unconscious form, and nods.  “Everything else has been quiet, although that fire she set was pretty bad.  Barely kept it from engulfing the building next door.”

You take someone’s offered cloth, for your nose, and make an educated guess.  “Lehhev is still in the palace gaol?”

“Yes.  All quiet there.”

You breathe a sigh of relief, as if concerned about Mazurek’s activities.  “Good.”

“Back to business.  We need to get this,” he kicks the real Eggard, “back to the palace.  Since you caught her, you should do the honors.”

Uh-oh.  You’re not entirely sure what he means.  You do know that, as of yesterday, the guards were not planning on to capture you alive.  But that may have changed.

The Choices

Option 117: This is more people with more skills than you can manage at once, and you doubt that you can successfully bluff them for long.  Use your flash spell, and get out of there.

Option 118: Pick up your captive, to “take her into custody.”  Then play along as long as you can to get information, and perhaps entry to the palace.

Option 119: Kill “Severel Mazurek.”  And then play along as above.


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