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Choose Your Own Adventure 119: Blood Spilled

The previous post in this series is here.

From last time, your choice was to go ahead and kill “Severel Mazurek,” your prisoner, and then try to sneak in to the palace to learn more things.

Part 119

You know that the most recent orders were that you were wanted — dead, not alive.  Alive would be inconvenient.

So, with one of the knives you took from your prisoner, you end him.  The illusion you placed on him reacts appropriately, and the blood is certainly real enough.  You feel a small pang of guilt.  After all, he likely only thought he was doing his duty.  As you are.  As you were…

With the ease of long practice, you shove that thought aside.  You glance at the other guards.  “Can I get a hand with this?”

They appear entirely nonplussed at your actions.  The lieutenant gestures for a couple of his subordinates to pick up the body, and gestures for you to come along with them.

You walk out of the inn as a group, with the older woman tending the front counter staring at you the whole time.  ”Who’s going to pay the tab for that room?”  Then she pauses, and adds, “Is that a dead body?”

The lieutenant hangs back, saying something conciliatory, along with an apology for the mess, before handing her a few large coins, courtesy of the Emperor, with a request to not spread word of the events here too widely.

“For this?  It’s been a very quiet, boring morning.”  You still hear her mutter loudly, “There’d better not be bloodstains.”

You leave, and follow the others into a nearby alley, where a cart and horses stand waiting.  This was the ride the group used to go through town so rapidly, along with a couple of additional horses to round out their numbers and, most likely, to prevent any crowd from gathering.  Once the body is dumped into the back of the cart, the lieutenant gestures for you to join him, and a third party takes up the reins.

“So, Eggard,” the lieutenant says thoughtfully.

Only at the last moment do you remember to respond to your victim’s name.


“You’ve been even less talkative than usual, and I can see the circles under your eyes.  Hero or not, I’m going to be sending you back to the barracks the moment we get back to the palace complex.”

Hero, hm?  That could be manipulated to your own ends…

The Choices

Option 120: It sounds like Eggard is affiliated with the palace barracks for the Black Hands.  You know the place.  It’s reasonable to take a nap first, and then sneak around and investigate, in order to try to rescue Lehhev.

Option 121: As above, but prioritize finding a way to take down the Emperor.  Preferably by finding out exactly what he’s trying to do and exposing it.

Option 122: Time to take a direct approach.  Protest (gently) that if the Emperor wishes to speak with you immediately, you can hold up for a little while longer yet.  And then take the opportunity to take him out.

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