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Fantasy Round 32: Geneforge

2014/12/29 Leave a comment

I love this game.

It’s actually the first in the Geneforge series, a set of five games by Spiderweb Software.

It’s super old-school (and from 2001!) so the graphics aren’t that great.

But you don’t play this game for the graphics.  Play it for the tidy turn-based combat, and the deep puzzles — both technical and moral.

A screenshot from Geneforge.  Most of the critters in the image are actually the player's minions...

A screenshot from Geneforge (from the Spiderweb Software website). Most of the critters in the image are actually the player’s minions…

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Fantasy Round 31: The Sharing Knife

2014/12/22 2 comments

We’ve mentioned before that we’re pretty serious fans of Lois McMaster Bujold.

However, neither of us had previously delved into her fantasy novels.  (Too distracted by Vorkosigan.)

Regardless, we’ve found them now.  And they’re pretty good.  Let’s have a look at one series in particular, The Sharing Knife, which is composed of four separate novels.  (I’m a little disappointed that no new books are planned in that universe.)

Of course, there will be some spoilers.


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Slush Pile 3: Missed Message

2014/12/10 Leave a comment

This entry is a bit less slushy than average, since this story is actually published in Nature Futures.

Go read it!

And, if you’d like the behind-the-scenes, you can read my blog post about it on the Future Conditional blog.  (But, you know, there be spoilers there.)