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Science Fiction Round 53: Accelerating Masses in the Morning

2015/12/27 Leave a comment

Or, alternatively, The Force Awakens.  Unsurprisingly, Michael’s opinion is “meh,” but I found the film quite satisfying.

Also?  This review is going to be full of ALL THE SPOILERS, so, you know, watch for that.

So many people! And they're all in the movie! But... this trailer is sneaky about a thing...

So many people! And they’re all in the movie! But… this trailer is sneaky about a thing…

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Science Fiction Round 52: Ancillary Justice

2015/12/19 Leave a comment

Well, this book was a wild ride.

First, I’ll note that Ancillary Justice has chalked up a lot of big awards — notably including the Hugo and Nebula awards.  So, there’s definitely something there.

Second, if you’re interesting in mind-bending future stuff where the how does it work of the technology is less important than how does it change society, and how cultures clash as a consequence, this is a great read.

With lots of thinking to be done afterwards.

I'm not sure which starships these are on the cover...

I’m not sure which starships these are on the cover…

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Fantasy Round 43: Never Alone

2015/12/05 Leave a comment

Never Alone (also titled Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, main website here) is a cute, gorgeous Indie puzzle-platformer.

And when I say gorgeous, I mean it.  Much of the art reminds me of Studio Ghibli.

Also, I recommend warm clothing and hot chocolate.  The story revolves around an Iñupiat (Native Alaskan) girl and her pet fox, and as you might imagine, it gets pretty chilly.  The story and art are beautiful, and if you’re looking for a pleasant game with a fun story but without too many dark elements, I give a happy recommendation.


As you might expect, these are the two protagonists, Nuna and Fox. (I’ll let you guess which one is which.)

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