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Fantasy Round 43: Never Alone

Never Alone (also titled Kisima Inŋitchuŋa, main website here) is a cute, gorgeous Indie puzzle-platformer.

And when I say gorgeous, I mean it.  Much of the art reminds me of Studio Ghibli.

Also, I recommend warm clothing and hot chocolate.  The story revolves around an Iñupiat (Native Alaskan) girl and her pet fox, and as you might imagine, it gets pretty chilly.  The story and art are beautiful, and if you’re looking for a pleasant game with a fun story but without too many dark elements, I give a happy recommendation.


As you might expect, these are the two protagonists, Nuna and Fox. (I’ll let you guess which one is which.)

Northern Lights

One of the most fun aspects of the game is being given a closer look at something other than a standard European-ish mythos.

The Northern Lights are one example.  As explained in one of the short videos about Iñupiat culture that can be unlocked throughout the game, one of their legends refers to the Northern Lights as the spirits of lost children… who have a tendency to swoop down on naughty children, and steal their heads to play ball with.

That’s a pretty scary bogeyman right there.  (And their depiction in the game is suitably spooky.)

In case you were worried, auroras can’t actually do that.  They’re a glow in the Earth’s magnetosphere which is produced by interactions with the Sun’s solar wind — so their strength depends on the Sun’s storminess.  Auroras are really high up, and very rarefied (not-dense), so even if they could come down to the ground… well, they’re less dense than air on the ground.  They wouldn’t have much effect, much less be good at child-snatching.

That said, I recommend googling “auroras seen from space.”  The results are pretty.

Wouldn’t You Freeze Your Whoopers Off?*

Information about the warmth of traditional caribou-derived clothing notwithstanding, in the frigid temperatures of a blizzard (or Alaska in winter in general), I’m fairly sure that falling into a bunch of water with ice floes floating through it is likely to be fatal in the absence of immediate warmth and a change into dry clothes.

Worse, there’s apparently something called the cold shock response.  A typical reaction to sudden icy-cold temperatures is… involuntary inhalation.  Which is bad if you’re underwater.

As such, for most of the game, falling into water leads to instant death and a reset to a previous checkpoint.**

There is, however, one extensive section where there’s a lot of swimming going on.  While, I will note, Nuna is wearing a full set of clothing, and neither drowning nor freezing to death.  I’m going to just assume that has something to do with mystical giant spirit whale magic, and leave it at that.

*It’s just an expression.  No, I don’t know what whoopers are.  But having them frozen off probably wouldn’t be good.

**And yes, this may be why I recommend hot chocolate during/after the game.  That, and the blizzards…

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