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Science Fiction Round 57: Prometheus

2016/02/28 Leave a comment

Sooo…. I really wanted to watch something sci-fi on the plane, and I’ve seen all the Marvel movies, and re-watching the film version of The Martian would have cost money, so… there was Prometheus, prequel to Alien.

I probably would have been happier re-watching one of the Marvel movies.  Or Alien, for that matter.


The illegible subtitle floating over the giant stone face reads “The Search For Our Beginning Could Lead To Our End”. I’d kind of like to replace that with “You have chosen… poorly.”

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Science Fiction Round 56: The Expanse

2016/02/20 2 comments

I had too much spare time in an airport last weekend, so I watched The Expanse.  Well, the last few episodes of it.  In short, The Expanse is fun, and terrifying.

As ever, there are spoilers, although it’s only the last two sub-headers that hit the end-of-season spoilers.

There are people who get spaced during the show, but I'm pretty sure this scene doesn't actually happen.

There are people who get spaced during the show, but I’m pretty sure this scene doesn’t actually happen.  Also, the “We’ve gone too far” tagline is especially ominous after you’ve seen the whole season.  (I was going to make the picture smaller, and then I was like… nah.)

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Plots In Progress

2016/02/13 Leave a comment

Alas I don’t have any new reviews to report on — yet; I’ve got an international flight coming up, which probably means I’ll read a book and watch a movie and have plenty to think about afterwards.

However, until then, I’m not going to have a lot of additional time.  So I thought I’d drop a few comments on where my own fiction projects currently stand. Read more…

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