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Plots In Progress

Alas I don’t have any new reviews to report on — yet; I’ve got an international flight coming up, which probably means I’ll read a book and watch a movie and have plenty to think about afterwards.

However, until then, I’m not going to have a lot of additional time.  So I thought I’d drop a few comments on where my own fiction projects currently stand.

Short Stuff

The current score for my short fiction is: 65 submissions, 62 rejections, 2 acceptances, 1 still outstanding.

Well, that’s how short fiction goes — I haven’t sold any new ones, although I’ve written quite a few more since last year.  I’ve got a couple more submissions I know I’m going to make in the next couple of months.  We’ll see how it goes.


This is the temporary title of the novel that I’ve been working on for… yikes, the last two years, I suppose.  It’s about first contact in a world where most sentient species destroy themselves, and humanity had thought that they alone had survived… until they find a group of extant aliens who live under the threat of annihilation not of their own doing.

I actually finished it at the end of last November (by cheating horribly through NaNoWriMo), but it still needs a heavy editing pass before I let anybody read the current draft.

That editing is on the list of things that I may try to do on the plane.

After that, I’m hoping to start the traditional publishing process… which means I either shop the manuscript around to publishers unsolicited, or I try to get an agent.  The latter is probably the more effective course, although it will take longer.

The Diamonds of Night

Because who ever wrote only one novel?

Magic and technology blur together in the nation of Suidaarde.  As the people suffer under the Great Separation between races, a thief and his partner in crime steal more than they expected — drawing them into the heart of Suidaarde’s brutal political system.

I’ve only written three chapters for this one so far, but I’ve got a good idea where it’s going.

The research is what has been scary — I’ve been doing some reading about apartheid South Africa (which Suidaarde is deliberately reminiscent of), and it is terrifying.

Enough so that I started thinking that maybe my main antagonist isn’t evil enough, and added a secondary one who is.

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