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Fantasy Round 49: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Oh, my?

I mostly watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies because it looked funny.  As a general rule, I’m not interested in romance drama stuff, so I still haven’t read the original (and don’t particularly plan to).  Even so, I expected the basics — Elizabeth ends up with Darcy, and so on.

So, here are a few thoughts on the story.

The picture is pretty good at summarizing the movie.

The picture is pretty good at summarizing the movie.


That’s where a lot of fun in the film comes from.  It’s pretty hilarious to watch a bunch of high-class British folks calming drinking tea and discussing the undead menace.

It’s also the source of some oddities.  The calmness with which people discuss cannibal zombies becomes rather unnerving.  I suspect that’s part of the point — combined with the stereotypical stiff upper lip.

Another one is the presentation at the beginning of the film about how the wealthy people send their daughters to train in Japan, while the less well-off send them to China.

Despite having said something a few sentences earlier about other countries limiting traffic from Great Britain.  Because, well, zombies.  So, how much smuggling in-and-out does it take to get one’s martial training?

Opportunity Missed

I realize that this doesn’t jibe with the original Pride-and-Prejudice plot, but I think there was a big missed opportunity in terms of confronting the zombie problem.

There’s a whole plot about how Wickam has been disguising his zombie-ness by eat pig brains instead of human, and therefore keeping his faculties intact.  And doing the same for other zombies.

Wickam is a horrible person obviously making a power play, but feeding human brains to the zombies to make them stop supporting him seems like a kind of evil plan.  One of the main reasons zombies are popular enemies is that they’re acceptable targets, evil and obviously inhuman.  They can be killed without creating a moral quandary.

But these zombies?  Many of them have retained vestiges of humanity, if not more.  Wickam may be leading them against humanity, but surely some of them could be reasoned with if Darcy hadn’t wiped away their last shreds of sanity.

Thanks, Darcy, for making the situation that much more horrible.

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