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Fantasy Round 56: The Serpent’s Shadow

2017/08/27 Leave a comment

I recently read The Serpent’s Shadow, the first novel in a series by Mercedes Lackey.

It was exactly what I wanted — a pleasant story with sympathetic protagonists and a complex (if irredeemable) villain.  It was cozy, and much less fraught than some of the other things I’ve been reading.

I’ll happily recommend it.  But I will, of course, have a couple of critiques.  (Some spoilers, but not of the ending.)

This is Maya Witherspoon, along with her menagerie and the titual snake.

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How To End A Season

2017/08/06 Leave a comment

I’ve been watching through Supernatural lately (which is fun, and I’ll probably write a post about that show specifically some time), and it’s led me to think a bit about the structure of television shows.

In particular, the nature of the season.  (And not The Fifth Season, mind you.)

Note: I’m not going to bother marking spoilers, since I’ll be referring mostly to older TV shows, or earlier seasons of them.

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