The point of the blog: dissection, creation, and dissemination of speculative fiction (both sci-fi and fantasy, as we see fit).

About us:

Michael is a planetary astronomer in the habit of bouncing radio waves off of asteroids.  Originally from Minnesota, he was interested in astronomy and science fiction from an early age, enjoying the work of Clement and Bujold (among others) and building his own telescope.  He is currently working as a research scientist at the SETI Institute.

Rachel has studied astrophysics at the graduate level.  She has taught physics and done a bit of science writing, but is currently working as a data scientist.  Her fascination with science was probably fed by early exposure to Star Trek.  She hails from Washington state (not Seattle!).  She’ll be posting under “Sedna,” after the far-out dwarf planet.

By way of full disclosure, we are married to each other and are pair-bonded in the most geeky of ways.

You can follow both of us on Twitter.  Michael is @michael_w_busch, and Rachel is @rr4idic.

If you are interested in contacting Rachel about science or fiction writing, she can be reached directly at “rr4idic” (without quotes) at gmail.com.  More information is available on the science writing page.

  1. 2013/10/21 at 11:17 pm

    it would be really nice if there were some kind of index linked to in this “about” section.
    I’d like to try your “choose your own adventure” thing, but there’s no link to the start!

    • michaelbusch
      2013/10/21 at 11:35 pm

      The Choose Your Own Adventure series is being done as a once-through (unless you can persuade Rachel to do otherwise). You can find at the first post at https://clementsgame.wordpress.com/2013/03/02/choose-your-own-adventure-0-introduction/ if you haven’t already found it through the category index, but everything up through the current post has already been determined. You can and should say what choice you’d like to make from there. It’s probably a good idea to read through the others before doing that, though.

      Thanks for your interest!

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