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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episode 3

2017/10/15 1 comment

This is a re-envisioning episode 3 of Discovery, following after my rewrite of the pilot episodes.

Episode 3: Universal Law is for Lackeys

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Fantasy Round 58: Pyre

2017/10/08 Leave a comment

Pyre is a pleasant, simple video game with a decent plot and excellent music.

If you’re looking for some light distraction from the news, Pyre will do.

These are your characters. Your mission: escape from exile in the Downside… and change the Commonwealth forever.

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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episodes 1 + 2

2017/10/01 3 comments

Given how fed up I was with Star Trek: Discovery’s launch, and my concern that the rest of the series will fare little better, I’m going to show what I would have happen if I were in charge of the show.  I won’t be completely summarizing the unaltered episode (you can get that on Wikipedia if you don’t want to watch), and I’ll be highlighting the differences.

I also expect that I’ll end each section with a small amount of commentary, explaining any references made and visual details that may not be obvious from the plot summary.

Episode 1: The Tellarite Hello

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Fantasy Round 57: The Stone Sky

2017/10/01 Leave a comment

I could say that we could just give N. J. Jemisin her third Hugo for The Stone Sky and it would be well deserved, but that would be a very short review.

I will be spoiling the entire series here, so if you haven’t read it yet and don’t like spoilers… do it.  (Start with The Fifth Season.  But also, don’t read that post until you’ve read the book.)

The Stone Sky

I really should look to see where the inspiration for the stonework cover art came from.

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Science Fiction Round 76: Discovery

2017/09/25 Leave a comment

As a die-hard Star Trek fan, I am contractually obliged to comment on Star Trek: Discovery.

However, I’m not obliged to like it.

I’ve watched the first two episodes, and I’ve got to say, while the general direction may… eventually… be fine, there are already plot holes and continuity problems big enough to fit a Dyson sphere through.  And I worry about the general themes as well…

Note: There will be both spoilers, and LOTS of Star Trek references.  Ye be warned.

Star Trek: Discovery. It is certainly shiny, but…

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