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Science Fiction Round 74: Lockstep

2017/07/23 Leave a comment

Some science fiction is harder than the rest.  Lockstep is one of the relatively few “big-scale” space-opera novels I’ve read that actually handles a no-faster-than-light reality relatively well.  It has a few plot holes, and I’ve got some quibbles about the setup, but it’s worth a read.

Also, the Goodreads ratings are… kind of funny, in that there are complaints about the story being too hard sci-fi, or too complex, too hard to easily understand.  I guess if you’re not into complex worldbuilding blended with some science-y stuff, this might not be a good book for you.

As ever… this review contains some spoilers.

The two people in this image are probably intended to be our two main protagonists, Toby and Corvana.

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Fantasy Round 55: Chronic Backstabbing Disorder

2017/07/09 Leave a comment

The Traitor Baru Cormorant is a highly accurate title, and the character definitely suffers from one of the variants of the tvtropes malady in this post’s title.

The book is a fascinating ride — although I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for something cheerful and uplifting.  Major spoilers below.

The cover is fairly clearly symbolic, and likely references the colloquial name of the empire in the story — The Masquerade — and the fact that all its officials wear masks.

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Superheroes Round 24: Wonder Woman

2017/06/25 Leave a comment

This movie was fun.  It was high time we had a Wonder Woman movie, and I’m reasonably convinced that it’s the best movie that DC has put out for a good long while.

In other words, I’m about to do some analysis and spoil the whole plot.

Wonder Woman, aka Diana, is definitely the central character of the story.

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Science Fiction Round 73: More Guardians, More Galaxies

2017/06/04 Leave a comment

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 last weekend, and it was a fun film.

Of course, from the perspective of physics, it was a travesty.  Rather than banging on the usual obvious things not done right (Faster than light travel won’t work!  That’s not what happens when you’re exposed to vacuum!), I’ll try to touch on a couple of more subtle issues.

There are spoilers here, but seriously, they’re basically all for things you should have seen coming.

The characters in this poster were all in the movie. The movie was also at least as colorful as the poster.

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Science Fiction Round 72: Cosmic Powers

2017/05/14 Leave a comment

I recently read the Cosmic Powers anthology, which is a wild ride.  It’s a collection of stories from a delightful variety of authors, including a prequel story to The Stars Are Legion.  I have a couple of thoughts to share.

I’m not sure what these spaceships are on the cover, but they are colorful.

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