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For Your Entertainment

2016/03/20 Leave a comment

I’ve been mostly working on editing Vagabond (the novel I’ve actually written all the way to the end), so I don’t have a big analysis post for you.

On the other hand, I can show the first map I’ve drawn for the other novel I have planned — The Diamonds of Night.  The big empty area in the middle of the northern continent is filled with other countries, but they aren’t so important so I haven’t filled them in yet.

The story mostly takes place in Suidaarde.


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Plots In Progress

2016/02/13 Leave a comment

Alas I don’t have any new reviews to report on — yet; I’ve got an international flight coming up, which probably means I’ll read a book and watch a movie and have plenty to think about afterwards.

However, until then, I’m not going to have a lot of additional time.  So I thought I’d drop a few comments on where my own fiction projects currently stand. Read more…

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Slush Pile 4: In Memoriam

2015/05/01 Leave a comment

Instead of slush, I present you with a story by me that has just been published in Diabolical Plots: In Memoriam.

Go read it!

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Slush Pile 3: Missed Message

2014/12/10 Leave a comment

This entry is a bit less slushy than average, since this story is actually published in Nature Futures.

Go read it!

And, if you’d like the behind-the-scenes, you can read my blog post about it on the Future Conditional blog.  (But, you know, there be spoilers there.)

Slush Pile 2: Sandbox

2014/10/05 Leave a comment

Here’s the part 2 to my previous slush pile post.  This one is titled Sandbox, and looks at the universe-in-a-box idea from the other side.


Miriam wanted some time to herself.
Read more…