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Superheroes Round 23: What The Love Interest Doesn’t Know

2016/12/18 Leave a comment

Since I’ve been on a bit of a superhero binge (with the current distraction being The Flash, which is fairly fun), I’ve had a few thoughts about some of the standard superhero tropes that I find most irritating.  I note that I may spoil some content in the Flash up through the halfway point of the second season, but not thereafter.

Number one is the attempt to protect the love interest by not explaining anything about what’s going on, especially not the fact that you’re actually <insert superhero name here>.

News flash: villains are not the equivalent of the ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal.  Just because your love interest doesn’t know you’re the superhero, doesn’t mean they’re not in danger of being accosted by your nemesis.

Ignorance is no defense. Read more…