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We Give Links 9: Anita Sarkeesian Continues Her Work

Anita Sarkeesian has released the next episode of Tropes vs Women.  This time, she discusses the serious problem of video games promoting sexual objectification of women, sexual exploitation of women, and violence against women.

A content warning is required here.  A lot of the material she covers is quite explicit and/or extremely violent.  This is very creepy stuff.  That it is so common in the video game industry is quite scary.

Added 2014 August 25.  Part 2 of the episode is now available:


There is a problematic aspect to some of Sarkeesian’s analysis here.  She focuses on how the games she is dissecting treat sex worker characters simply as objects, to be exploited or attacked, and how that contributes to oppression of women in reality.  What she does not address in this video is that in real life, sex workers of all genders are people with agency themselves – people who are the victims of a system of oppression (sometimes called whorephobia) that intersects with sexism, racism, and other forms of bigotry but is not identical to any of those.  I am not qualified to express opinions on this matter myself; so I can only recommend that people listen to what others have said about it. – MWB


We Give Links 7: Listen to Anita Sarkeesian

There is an addition to her important series on sexist patterns in video games:

We Give Links 6: Clement’s Game in 140 Characters

Someone has learned how to win rounds of Hal Clement’s game in 140 characters or less:

We Give Links 5: Great Glowing Galaxies

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Apologies for the slow-down in posts lately — there has been much traveling.

In partial compensation until we’re back in the proper time zone, here’s a link to a blog post about galaxy formation, written by me (Rachel).  It’s from a recent conference hosted by the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, an institute run by the SLAC national lab and Stanford University.  For each conference session  There’s even an interview with Eliot Quataert, which I recommend listening to — he’s well spoken and does a good job of summarizing key points.  I think they’re running a bit slower than they planned on the post roll-out, heh-heh.

My actual research (like, day-job grad-school thing) involves stuff kind of related to what we’re talking about here, in case you were wondering.

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We Give Links 4

Anita Sarkeesian does her thing, continuing her thorough dissection of sexism in video games:

And there is much more stuff that you should check out at her site:

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