Science Fiction Round 75: Spiders in Space

2017/09/17 1 comment

I would like to note at the beginning that Children of Time is not suitable for anyone with a dislike or fear of arachnids (or creepy crawlers in general), so, if that’s not to your taste, feel free to move on.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in epic science fiction over long time scales, this is a pretty good book.  I’ll be spoiling the ending, so if you don’t like spoilers, I’d recommend reading the book first.

We’ve got a pretty green planet and a spaceship (both appearing in the book), but there really should be more spiders in this picture.

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Fantasy Round 56: The Serpent’s Shadow

2017/08/27 Leave a comment

I recently read The Serpent’s Shadow, the first novel in a series by Mercedes Lackey.

It was exactly what I wanted — a pleasant story with sympathetic protagonists and a complex (if irredeemable) villain.  It was cozy, and much less fraught than some of the other things I’ve been reading.

I’ll happily recommend it.  But I will, of course, have a couple of critiques.  (Some spoilers, but not of the ending.)

This is Maya Witherspoon, along with her menagerie and the titual snake.

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How To End A Season

2017/08/06 Leave a comment

I’ve been watching through Supernatural lately (which is fun, and I’ll probably write a post about that show specifically some time), and it’s led me to think a bit about the structure of television shows.

In particular, the nature of the season.  (And not The Fifth Season, mind you.)

Note: I’m not going to bother marking spoilers, since I’ll be referring mostly to older TV shows, or earlier seasons of them.

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Science Fiction Round 74: Lockstep

2017/07/23 1 comment

Some science fiction is harder than the rest.  Lockstep is one of the relatively few “big-scale” space-opera novels I’ve read that actually handles a no-faster-than-light reality relatively well.  It has a few plot holes, and I’ve got some quibbles about the setup, but it’s worth a read.

Also, the Goodreads ratings are… kind of funny, in that there are complaints about the story being too hard sci-fi, or too complex, too hard to easily understand.  I guess if you’re not into complex worldbuilding blended with some science-y stuff, this might not be a good book for you.

As ever… this review contains some spoilers.

The two people in this image are probably intended to be our two main protagonists, Toby and Corvana.

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Fantasy Round 55: Chronic Backstabbing Disorder

2017/07/09 Leave a comment

The Traitor Baru Cormorant is a highly accurate title, and the character definitely suffers from one of the variants of the tvtropes malady in this post’s title.

The book is a fascinating ride — although I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for something cheerful and uplifting.  Major spoilers below.

The cover is fairly clearly symbolic, and likely references the colloquial name of the empire in the story — The Masquerade — and the fact that all its officials wear masks.

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