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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episode 3

2017/10/15 1 comment

This is a re-envisioning episode 3 of Discovery, following after my rewrite of the pilot episodes.

Episode 3: Universal Law is for Lackeys

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Fixer Fic Discovery: Episodes 1 + 2

2017/10/01 3 comments

Given how fed up I was with Star Trek: Discovery’s launch, and my concern that the rest of the series will fare little better, I’m going to show what I would have happen if I were in charge of the show.  I won’t be completely summarizing the unaltered episode (you can get that on Wikipedia if you don’t want to watch), and I’ll be highlighting the differences.

I also expect that I’ll end each section with a small amount of commentary, explaining any references made and visual details that may not be obvious from the plot summary.

Episode 1: The Tellarite Hello

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Science Fiction Round 76: Discovery

2017/09/25 Leave a comment

As a die-hard Star Trek fan, I am contractually obliged to comment on Star Trek: Discovery.

However, I’m not obliged to like it.

I’ve watched the first two episodes, and I’ve got to say, while the general direction may… eventually… be fine, there are already plot holes and continuity problems big enough to fit a Dyson sphere through.  And I worry about the general themes as well…

Note: There will be both spoilers, and LOTS of Star Trek references.  Ye be warned.

Star Trek: Discovery. It is certainly shiny, but…

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The Problem With Prequels

2017/05/27 Leave a comment

Prequels have a fundamental problem.

Much like sequels, they have a dependence on the world and character that already exist.  But, because the existing story is in the future, you’ve got bigger constraints.  Main characters who show up later can’t be killed off, reducing some of the tension in the story.  The same is true for major landmarks or planets or whatever being threatened by doom — we already know how it’s going to end.  If you want to play with that ending, you’re at risk of serious continuity errors and perhaps retconning, with the associated angry fans.

So, how to do a prequel well, and maintain the illusion that the heroes could fail?  There are some options…

These are both prequels that were pretty good movies, although they used different approaches to getting there.  Above: Star Trek (2009). Below: Rogue One.

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Science Fiction Round 68: The False Federation

2017/01/29 Leave a comment

I read a Star Trek novel recently.

These are my equivalent of the fluffy romance novel: they’re not too heavy or too hard-hitting, and I can whip through one pretty quickly.

Many are quite mediocre, and The Shocks of Adversity was no exception to this rule.  However, it did provide some good food for thought.

I’ll provide spoilers here, but the book is largely spoiled by the blurb… and the plot is not terribly surprising.

The Enterprise does show up, but I'll admit, that's not what I imagined the Goeg Domain ship to look like. I expected something a little more aerodynamic, since it can actually land on the planet.

The Enterprise does show up in the book, but I’ll admit, that’s not what I imagined the Goeg Domain ship to look like. I expected something a little more aerodynamic, since it can actually land on the planet.

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