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Superheroes Round 24: Wonder Woman

2017/06/25 Leave a comment

This movie was fun.  It was high time we had a Wonder Woman movie, and I’m reasonably convinced that it’s the best movie that DC has put out for a good long while.

In other words, I’m about to do some analysis and spoil the whole plot.

Wonder Woman, aka Diana, is definitely the central character of the story.

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Superheroes Round 20: Can We Do The Wonder Woman Movie Yet?

2016/10/21 Leave a comment

I watched Batman v. Superman because I was on a plane, and I was bored, and I had heard Wonder Woman was in it.  (She was.)

Unfortunately, much like the Man of Steel film to which this was a sequel, it was overly dark and gritty.  I was basically watching for Wonder Woman and (for most of the film) Lex Luthor.


These two guys were in this movie, but seriously should have sat down and discussed their differences rather than going directly for the punches and batarangs.

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